About Mission Momentum

Mission Momentum LLC is a consulting firm specializing in nonprofit leadership effectiveness, strategy development and implementation, and organization design and alignment. Focusing on the unique needs of nonprofit and philanthropy organizations, we bring energy and expertise to help these organizations achieve their mission and realize their organization’s potential.

Sherry Holtz is Founder & Principal Consultant of Mission Momentum LLC. She has a passion for mission-driven organizations and strengths in uncovering assets and areas for development, fostering shared understanding, creating and sustaining momentum, and building ownership and commitment.

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“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision is merely passing time.  But vision with action can change the world.”

– Nelson Mandela

Our Work

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What Our Clients Say…

  • Working with Sherry (Mission Momentum) has been extremely beneficial to our organization!  Sherry has assisted and lead our administration and board of directors through a very delicate and difficult path to a greater understanding and new future for Three Links.

    Mark Anderson
    CEO, Three Links
  • The beauty of working with Sherry is her ability to bring value without creating burdensome work for everyone else in the process. The process was so valuable and joyful that we all looked forward to each encounter.
    Chris Andersen
    President & Executive Director, InFaith Community Foundation
  • Karen Graham
    Sherry is an adept facilitator and though we struggled to complete our ambitious agenda in the time allowed, she made sure that we accomplished our most important objectives for the day.
    Karen Graham
    Executive Director, Idealware
  • Lauren Bennett McGinty
    We worked with Sherry to develop our first-ever strategic plan. We were able to walk away with solid goals for the next five years of our organization and a better understanding of how to position our work to meet the needs of our members. Sherry was patient and flexible with our many schedules and was able to help us hone in on what is truly important for our future success.
    Lauren Bennett McGinty
    Executive Director, Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild
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